News on the Bullrun 2010 Rally.

In Rally news, the Bullrun 2010 rally is going to HUGE! New York to Las Vegas! Seven days of spectacular driving, seven nights of crazy partying, and one hell of a good time! Numerous teams have already signed up for the most glamorous rally in the world, and the Bullrun organizers are expecting to see many more entries being received in the months to come.

Matt Farah, producer and host of the popular web show "The Smoking Tire" ( is currently looking at a unique car that nobody else will be able to get their hands on.

So what is Matt Farah looking for? Here is what he said:

"The most important thing, for me, is to have a car that no one else has. More importantly, a car that no one else can have, even if they had all the money in the world. Cars that aren't out yet, or aren't available in this country, that sort of stuff. All it takes is money to get a Ferrari or a Lambo, and how boring is that? It's much more impressive to show up with a cheap enthusiast car that none of those people can have. That was my strategy last year, driving a pre-production Ford Raptor, and this year it will be the same thing, just with something that goes a bit faster." - Matt Farah, The Smoking Tire

What exactly will Matt Farah be driving in the 2010 Bullrun rally this July? Be there at the start line to find out!

For all of you prospective Bullrunners out there, please contact and send them some information about you, your co-driver and your car along with why you want to do the Bullrun rally. Remember, the rally costs $20K to enter. The entry fee covers the costs associated with the rally for two drivers and one car.

As with every year, you can expect to stay in 5-star hotels, engorge yourself with first class meals, visit the finest venues and race tracks in the United States, and have one hell of a good time! You can expect to see big things from this years rally, and I mean BIG!!! There are already some truly spectacular cars on the grid this year, and the list keeps growing! What cars are on the grid you ask? You'll have to wait and find out!

Will you be one of them?

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