Pretty Pictures of ALMS cars (and girls)

As some of you may know, I was at ALMS last weekend.  Here are the picturs of someof the cars.  I even got the Panoz for Howard.





ALMS Invades Mosport



The 8th Stop for the American Le Mans Series

Michael Schlee


The American Le Mans Series race took place at Mosport this past weekend. Despite the less then favourable weather conditions, fans turned out by the thousands.



Torrential rains Saturday, blistering winds Sunday and cool temperatures all weekend kept things interesting for the race teams. More then a few teams left the weekend with bent race cars.



In the end, the weekend belonged to the Acura and Corvette teams. Despite strong competition from the Dyson Mazda’s in both P2 and for the overall lead, Acura was able to win both the P1 and P2 class races.



The Corvette team was in only their 3rd race since joining the GT2 class of competition. Even against strong competition from the Ferraris, Vipers, Ford GTs, Panoz’s, Porsches, BMW M3s and others, Corvette was still able to pull of the victory. For more details on the race visit


It was great to see all the support for auto racing by both the Canadian fans and the manufacturers. Check out the pictures below from the weekend.



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