Answering the new car question...

Well as some of you had noticed I have new black SRT8 Challenger. Yes I did sell off my 68 GTO for her, but for multiple reason.

1) With Sway moving to Cali, I lost one of the few people I could rely on for help with the car and rides while she was being worked on. She was origanally leaving in April, but left the 19th of March. So I needed reliable wheels.

2) The winter was really rough on her, I had no money offhand for a beater car. Rust spotted under some of the paint, put a hole through the back window, the top was starting to seriously deterriorate, and the tranny was feeling off... And aftering seeing how immaculant the Camaro, Dart, Pantera and VW looked....She was nowhere near that shape bodywise.

3) I figured I had thousands of dollars worth of work to and no place to do the work.

Just all in all, it was time for a diff car, but I wanted something bada$$, that was still on the muscle car scale. Something I could still drive the crap out of. I still plan on puttin money away and getting a classic in a few years.